Industrial coating

Because of it's extremely good mechanical and chemical toughness this system is perfectly suitable for its use in industrial and storage areas.


Conductive coating

Whether hospital, car-supplier, explosive-prone, computer rooms, electronic production, chip industries etc. ,

Gremmler Bauchemie offers for every area of application the best solution with its conductive coating systems.


Welcome to the homepage of Gremmler Bauchemie GmbH

On the following pages we would like to inform you about our company and the wide range of our products. Actual product informations and EG-safety data sheets can be found on the next pages.

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Provide an overview about our great product spectrum. Through our big variety we are able to deliver an solution for nearly every use case.

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Ballast bonding

Especially in ballast bonding, Gremmler has developed to a secure contact person. Since many years, we are producer of an epoxy resin for gluin gravel and railroad tracks.

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Our systems are especially developed. From industrial coating till pool renovation we are able to build up every use case.

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