Ballast bonding


1998 Gremmler has started in cooperation with Koch/Marmorit the fabrication and distribution of KRYORIT® ballast bonding resin. 2007 Gremmler changed the name of the ballast bonding resin to AgriTec® EWR, and got a special certifi cation from the German EBA-Institute (Eisenbahnbundesamt) to use AgriTec® EWR on the tracks of the deutsche Bahn. Since 2012 Gremmler changed the name ultimately to GREBOPOX®, and got as well a special certification from the German EBA-Institute (Eisenbahnbundesamt) to use GREBOPOX® on the tracks and high-speed-lines of the deutsche Bahn.

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Strong partner

Terra System, company for track construction and stabilization – that has an exclusive cooperation with Gremmler Bauchemie GmbH, uses since 2012 only GREBOPOX® for ballast bonding. Its splendid characteristics and the fact of doing no harm to the environment have been confi rmed repeatedly by comprehensive tests conducted by neutral authorities. Our resin GREBOPOX® is certifi ed from the German EBA-Institute (Eisenbahnbundesamt) for the use on the tracks of the deutsche Bahn. Since nearly 20 years, our ballast bonding resin, labeled fi rst as KRYORIT®, than AgriTec® and now GREBOPOX® has been used successfully for national- and international track construction.

Favourable processing characteristics

In contrast to ballast bonding systems based on 2 component polyurethan resin, our GREBOPOX® ballast bonding material is especially developed for outside jobsides.That means, GREBOPOX® is low sensitive to humidity and can be used as well on wet ballast surface as during slight raining (drizzel). Warmed up it can be processed starting at an air temperature of 2°C. Because of its warm temperature our ballast bonding systems applied on ballast surfaces spreads equally, thus bonding even down to a depth of 30 cm (depending on the size of the ballast) is possible. Another advantage are the pot life of 20-30 minutes and the extended hardening time of 3-6 hours (ground temperature approx. 20°C-10°C.