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System description

Our Bridge Deck Primer GI 103 is a solvent free unfilled and pigmented epoxy resin based dual-component re- action plastic. The product is used as primer upon deck- ing tables made of steel or concrete. It is especially designed for the use upon bridges and features outstanding heat resistance during the successive application of hot as- phalt sheeting.

Our Bridge Flooring Primer GI 103 is low viscous and features high capillary activity. It therefore penetrates perfectly even at lower temperatures into the most capillary pores of the substrate.

The product is designed for the direct use on minerally bound substrates with a residual moisture up to 5 % on cementous screeds (determined by CM method).

It is impermeable against carbon dioxide and therefore effec- tively protects reinforced concrete surfaces against carbona- tion. That is of high importance for the corrosion protection of the reinforcement.