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GI 110, GI 115 Drying time 8-12 h at 20 °C
GI 118 (rapid primer only suitable under rigid / inflexible coatings, for more information see data sheet) Drying time 4-6 h at 20°C
250-400 g/m²

System description

In stores there is busy customer traffi c which requires great demands on the durability and cleanability of the coating system. Furthermore the fl oor has to be decorative, scratch-resistant and shall be long-term resistant towards every day’s stresses. The systems recommended on this page all fulfi ll the requirements mentioned above and besides that feature excellent resistance towards dew salt which puts an extreme stress onto the fl oor in wintertime. On extremely uneven or rough areas a leveling layer is needed! For this the primer is mixed with our quartz grading curve SLD in the ratio of 1:1 parts by weight and spread with a scraper