Systems resulting from our innovative products

Paving joint mortar

Our paving joint mortar systems are offered on different binder bases and are used for force-fit connections of a wide variety of concrete stone pavements and large ceramic tiles, as well as natural stone pavements and paving in gardening and landscaping. They are characterized by being easy to process, with consistent strength and excellent water permeability.

You can choose from these 3 types of binders

Air curing jointing mortar

For joint depth from 20 mm and joint width from 3 mm. For small traffic load, e.g. terraces & pavements and staircase

Jointing mortar based on epoxy resin

For joint depth from 8 mm and joint width from 30 mm. For small traffic to heavy traffic load, e.g. terraces, garden paths, pedestrian zones, driveways

Jointing mortar based on polyurethane resin

Lightfast. For joint depth from 30 mm and joint width from 5 mm. For small to medium traffic load, e.g.: terraces, garden paths,  garage entrances

Example of a paving joint mortar system

You can find all of our systems under downloads.


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